Love Letter #27 (50 Love Letters)

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Dear N,

You turned 14 this week! Happy birthday my sweet boy. I know I say this a lot but I really mean it - getting you as a son was like winning the lottery. I don't know what it is about your smile but it makes my heart melt.
You've always been a really genuinely happy kid. It's so rare that I see you upset, except of course when you first came to live with us. You were terrified.

On your first day at Horizon school you escaped and ran away. You were five and you bolted out the gate and somehow the school didn't see you. You tried to run back to our house but on the way, a motorcycle hit you and you got all banged up and I swear my heart nearly stopped when I got that call. At the hospital you cried and cried but when the doctor tried to give you medicine and an X-ray, you told him he needed to take the medicine and X-ray himself before you would. I have no idea where you got that idea from but you were adamant and I still remember the way the doctor smiled and how you wouldn't give in. It was a rough first few weeks for you. Ughh, I still remember changing those bandages and knowing it was all my fault for not staying at school with you until you were comfortable. Your leg wasn't broken and the cut healed up and ever since it's been pretty smooth sailing.

You make friends easily, with everyone, are awesome with academics, love nature and hiking and camping, and this year you made the senior boys soccer team as a 13-year-old with your killer D. I shrieked every single time you went up against those big giants on the other team but you held your own.

You are funny. You're an amazing brother. You have a loud contagious laugh that I swear I could recognize from a mile away. The thing I love about you the most is your heart. I think the reason I'm so in love with your smile is because I can see through to how big and bright your heart is. When I tuck you in at night, I say I love you and you always say, "I love you more." Then I say, "But I love you the most!" I feel so lucky to love you and be loved by you.

Don't grow up too fast and remember you'll be my little boy forever and ever.

Love you the most.
Xoxo Mom
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