Love Letter #26 (50 Love Letters)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dear S,

Today you bumped your lip while playing in the pool and you needed some TLC so you came and sat on my lap. I couldn't remember the last time sat on my lap so I held you and took it in, savoring each second until you got up to play again. Isn't it sad that there comes a day when little boys don't sit on their mommy's laps anymore? Will you promise to always sit on my lap?

Sweet boy of mine, I'm so lucky to have known you since you were a little baby. Your grandmother used to carry you over on her back. You would come and play on our slide, sliding down it and climbing back up, over and over again. You would toddle around with the other kids while your grandmother and I sat in the sun, drank tea and talked. I'd send her home with milk for you and she'd always tell you softly, "This is where you're going to live some day." That day came. After dozens of visits, your grandmother came and dropped you off to live here permanently. I questioned her because I wanted you two to have every moment together you possibly could. She was like a mother to you. But she told me it was time and I trusted her.

She came to visit a couple more times and just a few months later she passed away. It was really sad for us. You're 11 now and every year when I ask you what you want for your birthday you say, "My grandmother." And every time, I feel that in my heart. One day when you're a little older I know you'll understand the gift your grandmother gave us. I sure do.

I feel so lucky that she chose me and she trusted me with a love like that, that she trusted me with you. Sweetheart, I love you so much. You bring the excitement to this house, the drama, omg and satsung performances. You love bird watching, cooking, and videography. You have a way of making us all laugh without even trying. You know just how to get under everyone's skin too. You are literally always up to mischief.

While you were sitting on my lap today I thought about how your grandmother was probably watching us and how happy she is. I know how proud she is of you. I'm proud too. I'll love you until the end of time.

❤️❤️❤️ xoxo Mom
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