Love Letter #23 (50 Love Letters)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dear B,
You came to me when you were five with a head full of curls and the sweetest dimple on your cheek. You have always been so gosh darn cute. You still have a head full of curls and the perfect dimple on your cheek, but now you're turning into a young woman and I constantly have to do a double take when I hear you talk and see pictures of you because part of me still sees you as being my sweet little five-year-old who always made everyone smile. All I can say is, "Watch out world!" Seriously. You are such a force. You have grown into a strong woman with an unstoppable spirit.
I love how confident you are. I love your girl power. You decided to take martial arts this year which I think is so cool. My favorite memory of you and me is when we were playing capture the flag (girls against boys) and we built a fortress and were holding hands so tight that no one could get in. I laughed so hard that day I almost peed my pants. You always, always, always know how to make me laugh. You are smart and articulate and are the first one to speak up and find the words at birthday satsung or family meetings. You have an amazing way of expressing yourself, your feelings, and your love for others.
I still remember watching you up on stage for the school debate last year. Everything that came out of your mouth was just like boom boom boom! You won. You killed it. My jaw dropped to the ground. Everyone in the audience clapped and cheered and I was just so proud. Always speak up and please, no matter what you do and where you go, never lose your voice.
I hope you write a book some day. I want you to write your story. I won't ever be able to tell it as well as you can. All I can say is, I'm so happy we found each other. I'm so happy you came down from the mountains to be a part of this family and I'm so glad I get to call you my daughter. I love you more than words. I love you so much my heart could explode. And I'm proud, so so proud of you.
Xoxo Mom

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