Letter #18 (50 Love Letters)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Dear J, 

Why you gotta be so cool? Whatever you do, everyone follows. You are the cool big brother that everyone wants to be. You're a leader in so many ways. You picked up the guitar to learn and then so did everyone else. When you get up to dance, we all follow. When you worked hard at school and studied your butt off this year for 12th, all the little ones followed suit.

I've loved you since you were little. I used to watch you in satsung getting soooo into it, clapping and yelling and singing with all your heart and soul. It was contagious. And you would think that with growing up you would have grown out of that, but you never did. Even when we are singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" for the little ones at satsung or "The Green Grass Grows All Around." You get into it. You always pull everyone's spirit up. You always have that effect on everyone around you. We'll all be singing and then you join in and suddenly it just sounds so much better and everyone starts clapping and yelling and swaying along.

Whenever all the kids are hanging out and laughing and playing and putting on skits and just being silly, I look and it's usually you at the center of it all. You're funny and caring and kind. Always making everyone laugh and feel apart of everything. You never leave anyone out. Especially your bros. You guys all have a brotherhood like nothing I've ever seen. Passionate is the word I would use to describe you. You are passionate about all you do and whatever you take on. You are always up for an adventure or to learn something new. You are sooo good at meeting new people. If I had a party to go to, it's you that I'd want as my wingman.

You can do anything and be anything. You are so darn smart. You got it all kid, you really do. Actually you're a man, a really good man. Dream big because you have everything that it takes to really do some big and beautiful things. I love you so much it's crazy. You hold my heart, always have, always will. 

Forever your fan, Maggie
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