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I have the best dad in the whole world and I couldn't do any of this without him.  I love love love him.  

Happy Father's Day!

mom, me and dad at the do something awards



                                                                                                  (On the phone last night with Sagar)

 "Sagar, is that you?"

"Yah it's me..."

"How are you?  I miss you!"

"Maggie? When are you coming here?"

"In a few more weeks Sagar, okay?"

"Can I go there with you some day?"

"Of course! You always say you want to be a pilot when you grow up, don't you?"

"Yes. I do."

"Well you know, when you're a pilot you can fly anywhere you want.... anywhere in the whole world.  You can even fly the big big plane that takes me from America to Nepal and I won't be afraid because I'll know you'll be the one steering and maybe you'll even let me sit up in the front with you.  Will you let me sit in the front with you?"

(long pause)

"I wish I was a pilot now.  Then I could fly you back here."



candy land

Candy land finds it's way to Nepal... an all-time favorite, apparently anywhere in the world.

Thank you Candice

Sagar, Ansuraj, Bhukta, Sundar



love for home

Try to put in the hearts of your children a love for home.  -Mother Teresa


Narendar (photo by Elise)


the every day

I found a sweet surprise in my mailbox today.  It was a CD of pictures taken by Chris and Elise during their one month stay volunteering in our home.  I spent tonight looking through hundreds of pictures of the children and seeing each of them made my eyes well with tears.  

It's funny how the things you do and see every day, yet, never bother to take pictures of, or even notice, are the exact things that bring you the most joy and comfort at times when you need it the most.  And then- when you're far away, or feeling lonely, or you can't fall asleep late at night, it's those same exact things, that you miss and crave the most, the thoughts and images that bring you ease as you drift off to sleep.

The mundane, the simple, the ordinary in the every day...

I think happiness lies in savoring these things in the moments they occur.   

A giggle

Sabita, age 4 (new)

Big raindrop tears and a snotty nose


Throwing paper airplanes off the roof (with your big brother)

Sabita, Puncha, Shanti

Gathering food for the animals

Big Nisha

Watching TV on the couch

Bhukta, Birendra, BBC, Rashmi, Goma

A bike ride


Pancakes for breakfast

Krishna, Sova, Laxmi

Having someone to lean on

Chris and Narendar

Learning to love

Shanti and Elise