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pictures from our week

Arjun Chand (class 8)

A garden full of vegetables (the kids helped plant) and traditional Nepali dance classes with Srijana, who is visiting from the U.K. have made things extra bright around here.  Our fellows Matt and Ian also gave road safety classes and helped the kids learn how to safely cross the street and other traffic awareness tips.  They used this video and I could hear the kids singing "stop, look and listen" from it all week...adorable!  They laughed every single time the turtle crossed the road when I saw it I did too.  We totally have to make a Nepali version.

Thanks for all the love!  Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Salad, Radishes, and Broccoli in the Kopila Garden

8th grade dance class with Srijana3rd grade girls with Srijana Miss"Stop, Look and Listen" with Fellows Kelly, Matt and Ian

Reader Comments (3)

Dearest Maggie, Steve, Staff, Fellows, Teachers, Volunteers, and most importantly CHILDREN of Kopila Valley Home and School,

The Smiles on Arjun's face, and the Smiles on the faces of so many of Srijana Miss's 3rd Grade Girls above says all that should need to be said or done. We have all seen that Smile on every single one of our CHILDREN's faces at one time or another. All those Smiles in a world so filled with challenges, trials and tribulations (throughout the whole world, including America) all those Smiles are the answer. Find the things in your lives that make you happy, the things that can't help but bring a Smile to your faces. I remember the Smile on Maya's face when she gets the right answer to one of Julia's math questions. the Smile on Goma's face when she scored a goal in a pick up game against the boys! I cherish the Smiles on Maggie, Kate and Anjali's faces when they saw Julia walk into the barn in her wedding dress (and the SCREAMING SMILE Julia let out when she saw them). Those Smiles help wash away the pain on both sides of the oceans, from New York and New Jersey, to Australia, the UK and to Nepal. We need to help each other through the rough parts and get to the Smiles. You are all doing such a great job of that for each other. Keep up the great Love, and keep the Smiles coming!

Please give my Love to all,
Uncle Ed

December 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterUncle Ed

"Stop, look, and listen! ...Before you cross the street!" That turtle knows where its at, and so does Uncle Ed -- he hit the nail right on the head.

December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJacob

To all the wonderful staff,auntys and uncles,fellows,teachers, talented and bright children of Kopila Valley home and school, Mr Doyne,and Maggie...what a great opportunity it has been for me,along with great memories!..The children were all fantastic and kept me smiling throughout my time there. Thankyou to everyone!! I'm really looking forward to seeing all the performances and I hope to see you all again very soon! As Uncle Ed has mentioned stay happy and positive, and I hope more people are inspired just as I have been!Lots of Love and Regards, Srijana Miss

December 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersrijana

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